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After winning the league in the first season with Manchester United, using a 4231, I wanted to change things up, switching to a 3241 formation (after seeing how well Manchester City play in real life using the same sort of setup). Haven't fully finished the season with the tactic but it impressed me with how well it plays, a lot of games I can easily have enough chances to score 4+ goals, however some games the team do concede quite easily. I also found the flexibility of the formation to benefit how I can change player roles in game. From what I've seen with the tactic it controls possession well (avg. 57% per game), and gives a lot of expected goals (2.26 per game, 2nd highest is 1.91) overall my expected goals within 23 games is at 54.45 (2nd highest is at 46.21) although I am underachieving with my total goals actually scored, this is partly due to only have one out and out no.9 (Rasmus Hojlund). I am no means an expert and find it difficult to see what needs changing when things start to go wrong and don't fully understand why things may go wrong in the first place.
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