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Ralf Ragnick Replication For FM V 21.4 (ME 21.7)

4-4-2 Replication of Ralf Ragnick tactics at Leipzig, Fast direct and quick transitions. A fast AF is needed for optimal performance, you might concede a fair amount but most games will be breezy.
Major thing is to put your fastest striker as the AF and place him on his stronger side i.e right footed on the right side of the two up top.
Corner tactic can be switched up to place your strongest header at the near/far posts.
Quick CBs will be preferred as the defensive line is very high.
Put your most creative players at the WP roles.
The formation usually encounters some difficulty with teams playing 3ATB because of the man marking instructions given to the wide playmakers on opposition full backs, so its recommended to switch the marking instructions for those games from fullbacks to wingbacks.

Won the Serie A and cup with AC Milan, with Timo werner getting 77 goals in all comps, had 7 players get double figures for assists.
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