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RealMutter 4-1-3-2

Hello all, thanks for taking the time to check out my tactic. It takes inspiration from the old "W-M" formations of days past, with the IWBs drifting into the midfield to form a fluid defense-lower midfield. The 5 attacking positions (LW, SS, RW, AF, AF) all serve to maximize the chances of attacking overloads in transition, with the more central midfield roles being put onto the DLP and IWBs when they drift or often being bypassed altogether to increase transition speed. The AFs are instructed to shoot less often which forces them to wait to take higher percentage shots than they normally would.

any critiques or thoughts would always be appreciated, thanks again for taking a look at my tactic y'all!
  • RealMutter 4-1-3-2 base.PNG
    RealMutter 4-1-3-2 base.PNG
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  • RealMutter 4-1-3-2 Out of Possession.PNG
    RealMutter 4-1-3-2 Out of Possession.PNG
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  • RealMutter 4-1-3-2 possession.PNG
    RealMutter 4-1-3-2 possession.PNG
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  • RealMutter 4-1-3-2 Transition.PNG
    RealMutter 4-1-3-2 Transition.PNG
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