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Red Barons Lonely Peak 1.0

After a bunch of testing, I'm releasing my version of the strikerless 21.4 tactics. While the work is original, this is heavily influenced and in part based on the ZaZ Red/Blue/Cyan and Phoenix series. My main intention was to create a tactic with less variance and an even stronger setup against good teams.

With 62 wins in a 40 team/80 game test league, this has produced the best result I've seen since the release of FM21.

My suggestions for underdog teams:
- Add "Take fewer risks" to Wingers
- Set one CM to "Support" instead of "Attack"
- Start every game as an underdog with "Cautious" and then switch to Positive when you are confident
- If you are super underdog or a really weak team, switch the Winger from "Attacking" to "Support". Note that this will considerably lower your offensive power

Barons Lonely Peak-Tac.PNG
Barons Lonely Peak-3-DMDef.PNG
Barons Lonely Peak-3.PNG
Barons Lonely Peak-2.PNG
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