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Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season 2

***The Oh Nikola Zigic version is the latest version and works perfectly with the latest update (v.20.4.1)***

I wanted to create a tactic that could enable me to get the most out of Lukas Jutkiewitz at Birmingham. While it didn't quite work out like that (I signed Janni Serra - a young German striker, who was INCREDIBLE as my target man), the results of my experiment were so successful, I couldn't NOT post it here.

I grew up a young Blues fan watching 6ft 7 striker Kevin Francis at Barry Fry's Birmingham. He was a marmite figure, but I loved him and have had an affinity for great target men ever since (Martin Palermo, Loco Abreu, Lukas Jutkiewitz being my favourites).

The tactic aims to take advantage of the target man at every turn - from long throws, corners and even in counter attacks as well as defending set plays. I conceded the grand total of 0 goals from corners in this, the first season in charge at Birmingham as you can see in the images. We won the league, only losing one game at home to Charlton in the 44th game of the season 2-3 after a Kieftenbeld red card!

We also got to the League Cup final, losing 2-1 to Man City, which is no disgrace.

With Pedersen and Roberts both capable of massive long throws, we exploited this to great effect.

It's not always pretty but it's massively effective. Defensively the tactic is a beast. Conceded 28 in the league. Scoring wasn't bad either at 97.

I am open to corner routine suggestions as we only scored 8 from corners. Loads from crosses and long throw melees though!

I look forward to you trying it out.

Motivation is vital. Determination and workrate are vital stats for your players and good crossing for wingers is key.

During matches use the shouts 'demand more' and 'get creative' if drawing or losing. You can alternate and use every 15 minutes as appropriate.

The other striker should be mobile and the ball winning midfielder should be good at scoring long shots. Sunjic had 11 goals!

Give it a go and help bring REAL football back, none of this Tiki Taka rubbish.

The Oh Nikola Zigic version is the latest version and works perfectly with the latest update (v.20.4.1)
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    Multiple changes - much more stable - check it out. Sorry I have no time to go into great...

Latest reviews

Back to back promotions!
Deployed this tactic when I took over the wheel at Lincoln in League One 10-15 games into the season. The club was positioned under the middle of the table but rose to third place and gained promotion to the Championship through play offs.

Gained promotion to The Premier League after my first season in The Championship when the came in second place.

Struggling a bit in my first season in the PRL but my team is only at Championship level at best. My budget is so much lower than the rest of the league, but I'm still positioned above the relegation spots.
Most consistent tactic I've used so far, feels more like an old school style football.
A great homage to old school 4-4-2
Great Job!
Currently 20 games won in a row in a new season with Leeds. This is with Bamford as my TM...
Brilliant. Finally someone found a use for Bamford ;)
Old fashion football INCREDIBLE RESULTS 10/10
Glad it's working well for you!