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The tactic is based on high energy, asking players to find space and move for the next pass. You will find alot of assists come from the IWB and that it will take time to locate the best wide players, but it is worth it. The desire was that I wanted my wide players to find gaps in front of the opposition back line when teams sat in 2 banks of 4. The wide players in this formation drifted around and allowed the wing backs and midfield to join and create overlaps.

Find the career stats for the tactic using Sundowns in South Africa a top team in the league, Melbourne City in Australia who were predicted last at the time and Huachipato in Chile who were mid table. It has led to 4 league titles, an African and Asian Champions League, and a Copa Lib final.

A complete Box to Box is a must and a good distributing GK is important. As a raumdeuter players who suit a SS but play wide such as a Bernando Silva or Thomas Muller are perfect. The DLP needs good vision as he needs to spot the raumdeuters movement. For the IWB, if a player is either footed or can be perfect, someone similar to Danilo. Both strikers need a little pace, at least 13, and will score the majority of the goals. Having a left and right footed CB is important!!

Using no specialist Opp Ins - just from Assistant advice - Screen shoot of the corner set up for attack but it is not required and there is no set tactics for defending corners or free kicks.

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