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Russ 4-5-1 inverted WBs and dribbling Mezzes

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This is my first version of a tactic that was partly inspired by Sean Dyche's recent Masterclass on Youtube

Sean Dyche talks in this about squeezing opponents down the side to trap and win the ball back, whilst also talking about how players will drag opponents to create space.

This tactic is based on a couple of ideas:

1) Inverted WBs - these have freedom to dribble through the centre of the pitch, allowing players to support on either side as options. If we lose the ball, the IWBs are centrally positioned. For a quick CA the only free space is generally down the sides, which keeps the ball away from the box in the first instance. We press early to force a cleared ball.

2) Attacking Mezzalas and IFs. This creates an overload and drags players out wide, the Central mid position is then taken up by the IWBs and DLP. Wings are supported by the forward who has freedom to roam. Mezzalas are also instructed to dribble to bring the ball up the pitch. They should have options either side and can help to force players out of position.

Defensively, we press high to force a clearance, otherwise we should have the IWBs in the middle of the pitch unless the opposition slow the play down, in which case we then have the team back into position.

Handy attributes:
Dribbling for IWBs/Mezzalas
Need potentially quick, strong defenders but that's pretty much a given!

But to be honest I threw this together so otherwise it's fairly straightforwards.
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