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! SAFARİ ! FM 2021 v 21.1.2 By Birol Öztürk 21.1.2

Hello, gentlemen
I will also share new tactics in the FM 2021 game. In my trials, I saw that the dual-striker systems worked better in this series and I produced 2 dual-striker tactics. As the game is updated in the future, I will continue to produce tactics with other lineups. I'm offering my suggestions for tactics to work more efficiently.


  • 1-Try to keep players ' morale high. Do this through team meetings and talking to the players alone.
  • 2-Leave the training to the assistant coach. But if you want to train yourself, be sure to run ball organizations and attack organizations that stand for the team every week.
  • 3-Do not use opposing team instructions. But if your team's physical strength is good and the opponent is powerless against you, press all the opponent's players.
  • 4-Alert your player who sees a yellow card or remove him from the game.
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