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Saguaro - 4-2-3-1 tactic

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This is my first tactic I'm sharing on the net since probably 2010, so I hope it can provide some decent results.
Tactic is tailor made for the team I assembled over the years with Manchester United. Whole idea is to overload the midfield to free up the flanks where wingbacks can operate. This tactic would probably work the best with Liverpool since they have almost the perfect set of players for it.

Some tactical advices:

-Turn off "use offside trap" until your central defenders have a strong link between them.

-Sweeper keeper attack is not necessary, I was using De Gea for years as a Sweeper Defend and it did the job.
Keepers I recommend using based on the strength of your team:
(Smaller clubs : Luca Zidane, Thomas Kaminski)
(Medium clubs: Jordan Pickford, Alex ReSmiro, Maarten Vandevoordt)
(Big clubs: Alisson, Ederson, Ter Stegen)

-When it comes to ball playing defender, he can be on either side, depending who's better on the ball.

-Central midfielder - Attack should have high stamina, since he's going to be all over the pitch. Also high natural fitness is a must, as he must recover fitness as soon as possible. Extreme workrate is great if you're smaller/medium size club, but it will hinder you if you're one of the big, as it would drain more stamina from him as he'd work a lot harder than he needs to. One BIG player trait CM - Attack needs to have is " Get forward whenever possible". I had McTominay scoring double figures, so being good in the air is also decent.

- Trio Inside forward support - Advanced playmaker support - Inside Forward attack can also be arranged as you please. More attacking? Put AP on Attack. You have playmaker on the right? Make him support the other flank. I had Jadon Sancho on the left supporting Adeyemi who was attacking the box from wide position. When it comes to it, I'd usually get someone who has good heading as he'd usually match with fullback and score easy goals.

- Striker is someone who can do it all. FM is such a game where tall strikers with good heading are really good. My 38 yo Ronaldo managed to score 50+ goals so you don't need a Haaland or Lewandowski, although it certainly helps. This is probably the only position I would focus on if I was managing Liverpool.

Some results from last seasons:

When it comes to opposition instruction, I leave those to assistant manager, find it tedious unless I'm playing a UCL final. Usually don't prefer man marking the striker, since if the striker is decent, it will easily stretch your defence. I'd suggest getting someone with high tactical knowledge as a assistant manager.
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