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playgm Sebastian FM22 tactics.BVB Drotmund 4-2-3-1 V2, Blue Itlay 3-5-2 V2, Gasperini Atlanta V3,442diamond

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For other reasons, I missed FM21 and didn't try it. This is the fm22 tactic I released in playgm and won high praise. I like the real tactical style! But also pursue achievements.

I don't like some role responsibilities, such as IVB. Unless I have to, I try this role for the first time in my diamond442. The effect of using traditional WB role is not good! 442 diamond this strategy is suitable for big clubs! Because this formation itself has defects in position, and there are large side loopholes! Tested on fmarena, it is also the first diamond

BVB drotmond V2 ranked second in fmarena test in 4231 formation, but I changed the position of SS to AMC, which performs better in 3D engine!

Holland tulip 4231, in my own test, Florence ranked first with 17 wins and 2 draws, and Valencia 25 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. A friend tested that Arsenal won 33 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, plus the League Cup and FA Cup. The whole process is simulated 3D engine, no vacation.

And my favorite Tiki Taka slow rhythm. At present, only 433。
Tiki Taka of 4231 does not perform as well as 433 in the engine
This strategy may not be as good as the above in participating in tactical testing. But the running in is good, the scene is very good, and you can win the championship, but don't expect the test results to be amazing. Because this command is not very strong!

Blue Italian V2, score 4.9 I had 109 points in Valencia and won the championship in 3D engine simulation. Some friends won the title with Newcastle test. If the engine is updated, I will try to do better.

All tactics are version 22.2.0. I will continue to update other tactics! thank you
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