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Shadow Striker F9 21.2.0

Inspired by the idea of Pele being a shadow striker, I wanted to create a tactic that is not the standard 433 or 4231 with the standard boring roles. I found myself having a lot of good inside forwards and wingers who are good in front of goal so I started messing with roles to confuse the AI. The F9 is a Firmino with Salah and Mane irl but adding to that a shadow striker who is the main threat in front of goal ended up distributing all my goals and assists around all my attackers. The LB is the one that creates all the mess if the game is closed up with him being extremely good at dribbling and crossing (Originally a LW).
The midfield looks lost I understand but the Segundo Volante is practically a B2B in CDM moving the ball up the field but primarily keeps the opponent at a distance from the goal. a DM with a RB not going up and a Segundo Volante like Fred for example shuts the opponent down most of the time.
I recommend high off the ball and anticipating across the entire attack force with one very good attacking fullback. Telles and AWB type fullbacks. I recommend watching Zealand's video for the set pieces, very helpful when your LB has 17 Crossing and Corners, fits the whole idea of a Telles LB ending the season with 15 assists.
When down and not performing I suggest overloading the right side of the midfield, the one with the bad attacking fullback and pushing the good attacking LB to a WB position, toggle focus down the right on, switch every attacker to inverted and ST to Pressing forward and overlap LB as a CWB role.
Have fun.
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