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Shamrock Rovers 5-2-3

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This is a tactic me and my friend Jared created to match Shamrock Rovers formation & style of play irl.

I am a big Shamrock Rovers fan, I go to alot of games so me & Jared created this tactic to play like them in FM.

I will admit Shamrock Rovers are the dominant team in Ireland at the minute.

Pass into space works because you have the raumdauter and AP both roaming from position and drifting in field this creates space for the fullbacks to bomb on and get to the touchline and then work the ball into the box stops all the stupid long range shots.

The cm on attack we did originally put on support then moved to attack, we just tried it on a system analyser thing, and put the cm on support not attack but we have left everything else the same and it then according to the system analyser thing it says it is a good penetrative tactic that has defensive solidity to go with it.
Moving the BWM up to support does make it more attacking but at lot weaker and more easily countered

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Rovers 2.png
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