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SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic 2020-12-10

This tactic is created for people who like to play with formation where your attacking midfielder is key player.

I done a lot of test with different teams(Koln,Lens,Aston Vila,Arsenal and few others) and every time top 4 was achieved with default team.

Most Important players are two attacking midfielders and you need to build team around of them.

All players need to have high work rate due to gegen press style.

There is no many high quality attacking midfielders on the start of game so I suggest that you pick teams who have that kind of players or buy older player with that kind of attributes.

Good teams are Aston Vila,Brighton,Everton,Leipzig,Levante,Betis...

Ideal example for AMC role is Ruslan Malinovskyi from Atalanta.

Your back 4 need to be mobile with good tackling and concentration.

For strikers I prefer high pace and acceleration combined with strong dribbling and flair.

For central midfielders i prefer strong all round players with high work rate and tackling!

Home version can be used all the time if you have high quality players.

No OI!

Set pieces are done by attacking midfielders!
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