Smishey "I hope this works" Asymmetic Attacking 5-2-3

Smishey "I hope this works" Asymmetic Attacking 5-2-3

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The idea for this tactic is to utilise a very busy spine of the pitch whilst having a superb defensive block at the back that are quick to regroup.

I began using this towards the end of FM22 with a number of successful saves getting Dynamo Dresden back to the top flight within 4 seasons and with huge success on a top flight save I had with Harrogate Town where I already dominating but this was the icing on the cake. The images below are from a Brighton save I just started on FM23 with a few kids littered in my playing squad and we sit 5th which is above board/fan expectation.

I toyed around playing a 3-4-3 by moving the wing backs up and instead utilising them as wide playmakers which was also successful, though the search of newgens with the attributes I desired seemed limited so I had to adapt to find a better solution for my wonderkids.

I suggest you add an instruction for LWB to aim far post, considering you should have a rather dense overload with AF on the back post and your AP pushing up as well as an overlap from RWB.

A F9 that can actually finish really works wonders in this squad as well. I love this position and it seems underused considering the amount of pressure it can cause a defence to press and leave open routes for your AF to attack.

Depending on your position in the league you can also dabble with changing the attacking preference of the WCB, so that they progress up the pitch in conjuction with the BBM. I'd like to think in theory they keep an even distance between one another both in progression and regroup.

I hope you enjoy and find success with my unorthodox tactic. Cheers.



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