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Solid TCT» 4-3-2-1 and 4-6-0

I tweaked this TCT still on FM21, ist another variation of Phoenix APDM, this time with 1 striker backed by SS+AM.
My first saves on FM are always in the Portuguese League with SLB, and with this TCT i won all titles available and managed to reach the ECL semi final.
I never use OI instructions, general training is managed by the *** Man 🤣.
Corners are taken by inverted foot.
O use the 4-6-0 TCT on big away matches, specially on ECL wich allowed me to get past AT Madrid and super PSG.
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  1. Works on 22.1

    The TCT does well after the update, although i didnt maned to win alot of trophees i went far in...