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SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3 21.2.2.

Finally I stopped being reliant on other people's tactics, and I've found a new level of enjoyment of FM by making my own tactics with success.
This tactic is working wonders for me. I know there are a few odd losses there but in whole this tactic has been successful for me.
I let my assman do the OI's as well as the training, no specific training for players.
I let the best right footed player take left corners and vice versa.
I am not afraid of changing the mentality between matches, it really depends on the teams I'm playing but the standard mentality is Attacking. I listen to my assman's report pre-matches whether I should ask the team to kick the ball long etc, but the base tactic is the one attached.
Try it out, test it and give it some feedback.