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Standard 3-4-3 Hyper-Offensive Coinflip Machine

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Completely standard 3-4-3 with 4 midfield supportive roles, 3 defenders on defend and 3 attackers, posting this for optimization of PIs, TIs and roles as I'm relatively a beginner to tactics compared to the ones I see here.

Have tried a lot of different combinations of the 3 Strikers which is what makes or breaks this and AF-TFatt-AF is 99% the best idea as long as you can get the players to play it . Need 2 stereotypical (fast with good Technicals , Composure, Anticipation, Decisions) AFs and the TFatt doesnt really matter as long as it's one of the classic TFatts of FM23 with good stat distribution for the role (can stick up someone like Muriqi up top and he'll do insane, players like Terodde do great for smaller/lower div teams). Trifecta of Teamwork,Work Rate, Vision encouraged for Strikers so they don't take all chances solo, could theoretically add Shoot Less PI but the one time I tested it it wasn't better, it seems like they're already giving the ball to each other incredibly often as seen through each players assists. The outlet thats scoring the most goals here is almost always the TFatt, therefore invest in one of the better ones as he will just roll everyone with this support.

Classic Wingers needed but can also play wing back-esque players like Estupinan and they'll do just as well as long as they have the Technicals needed to play the Winger role . Some more defensive attributes like Tackling,Marking,Positioning,Work Rate and decent mentals are always encouraged so you're not completely off on the defending side. Midfielders are just role players and the roles aren't really optimized which is why I'm attaching this for people to play with it and improve it even more, it has even bigger potential. CDs are standard, the roles could also be optimized better. Player instructions is just tackle harder on everyone but I'd like to test more about the 2 CMs, especially the CMsupport. It dominates possession completely despite looking like it will lose the ball 24/7, easily 65% clear by 4% of next team. Overperforms xG basically every season and honestly I dunno how but it will basically never revert to the mean the one year+ I've been playing this or similar (probably due to quality and quantity of chances created breaking the engine).

Won the FA Cup and had a great run towards the end. The simulation could very well be optimized as well, standard Evidence Based FM training schedule, Assistant Manager did everything else (only has 124 CA, probably starts with even less, and ****** attributes), if played out manually it might win the League or even the treble (****** home knock out by Leeds in August at penalties on Carabao). Only small question mark is obviously me using the FM24 database but honestly I've played this so much I think it can do even better on a normal database. The starting 11 that was set to be played on Holiday is the one shown, Godfrey is on the broken near post corners so we only scored 12 (had like 5 teams above us surprisingly with Newcastle at 17). Attached are also player stats that were key players throughout the years, Harrison for example has inflated assists however due to taking corners, you can expect around 10-15 on a good season.

Underdog teams seem to not be doing that bad with this, it's pretty dangerous to play it as you can just take 4-5 goals many games, when you don't have the ball you're often screwed, but they are capable to outscore just about anyone in Home games regardless.
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