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Stormin' Norman 1.0

Welcome to my tactic, Stormin' Norman. Striker less, double Segundo Volante!

3 central defenders, all ball playing defenders, the 2 outside defenders to stay wide, the central is on stopper role and man marks the oppositions central striker.

3 central defensive midfielders, the central is a defensive midfielder the other 2 are the attacking Segundo Volante's.

The wingers are defensive wingers and helps to make sure they are decent at defending as they track back to help out as there is no full backs.

2 shadow strikers which act as strikers but their starting position is deeper.

When attacking, using work the ball into the box there are lots of options. In defence there is a lot of bodies behind the ball and hard to break down.

Newly promoted Palermo into Serie A, this tactic was created midway through the season and I ended finishing in a UCL place with a very weak, young and small squad.

I've also used this with another online save at Fiorentina, only playeed 7 games and won them all including UCL games.

Don't work about trying to find natural SV's, I've found good attacking midfielders can retrain well, just make sure their tackling is 10+
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