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Tactic inspired by the real life Braga of Carlos Carvalhal. With some personal adaptations. 1.0

This is basically a 4-2-3-1 that, going forward, will turn in to a 3-4-3 with the left full back being the 3rd option during the build up, and the left winger staying as wide as possible.
On the right, the complete wing back goes as high as possible providing with, and the right winger tucks in to the right half space.
The attacking midfielder will roam around the attack and make runs behind the opposition.
The Central midfielders, a Roaming Playmaker (I think that's the correct term in English) will be the main point of creativity and verticality. Moving the ball between the lines and occupying the left half space.
The BWM will stay in his position providing a safe passing line and, when we lose the ball, will be super aggressive to get it back.

The striker, I often use a Complete Forward but, at times, and depending on the opponent I can use a Pressing Forward or a Deep-lying forward.

This is a tactic inspired by Carlos Carvalhal (former Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea Manager and now at Braga) that as produced some very good football in real life.

Right now, I'm unbeaten in all competitions in December 2023 with Braga [Who I joined this year coming from Sintrense, where I used other tactics]. I attach the results.

My top scorer is my right winger (Who is not in my screenshot because he's injured, but I attach a screenshot).
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