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Tactic Testing League v1

After SI finally patched the pre editor on Monday I have been working a new Tactic Testing League and after hours of testing and tweaking I have decided to release the Tactic Testing League v1.

Tactic Testing League v1

consists of 3 test teams:

Top Team all players with a CA and PA of 165
Mid Team all players with a CA and PA of 155
Low Team all players with a CA and PA of 145

these 3 teams will compete in the Tactic Testing League against 13 of the best Nations on FM playing against each other 8 times (120 games in total)

To make the testing as accurate as humanly possible I have made the following changes:

All injuries have been removed and the chances of any new injuries happening have been reduced by 99.99%.

All loans have been removed

All Bans have been removed and players who get sent off will not be banned for next game

Match condition and Sharpness have been frozen.

All matches will be played in covered Stadiums so rain and wind will nor affect the testing.


Make sure you remove the fake files from your game that make Germany playable

Make sure "Tactic Testing League v1" is the only editor data file you have enabled

Start a new game

Select Advanced Settings

Select just the Irish Premier League with a small database (see screenshot).

Select the following 3 National Teams to manage, Top Team, Mid Team and Low Team.

Save your game and turn off auto save.

Load the tactic you wish to test into all 3 tactic slots on all 3 teams.

Holiday the game until 1.1.23 with all 3 teams making sure you tick the box "use current match tactics".

Post a link to the tactic you tested (only tactics from FM-Base please) on here.

Post the following screenshots Tactic Testing League Stages and Best XI's for all 3 teams (see post 2).

I hope this is of use to you as it took a lot of time and effort to create.

PS this is not a tactic testing request thread, I will test a few tactics on here from time to time but it is a very time consuming process and my PC is on its last legs.
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