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Taktika za sve timove

This tactic is for both weaker teams and stronger ones. I did not create this tactic. The tactic was taken from another site.

I play with Real Betis and Serbia with the old database.

Test this tactic and let us know what you think.

I don't use any additional instructions. The tactic is drop and play.

Before the game, tell the players to play for the fans, that the fans want to win. And at halftime, regardless of the score, encourage them. Example: I am satisfied with the way you play, I am satisfied with your judgments. If you lose, say you can until you win. Etc.

During the match up to 30 minutes, there is no need to say anything, if you are not satisfied after 30 minutes, just ask for more.

Here I am sending you my results so you can see what the tactics look like.

Real Hispalis_ Fixtures.png
Serbia_ Fixtures.png

Real Hispalis_ Overview-2.png

Serbia_ Overview.png

AM(a) daje mnogo golova dok AM(s) ima mnogo asistencija.
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