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TL;DR: Fun tactic, above-average success rate, derived from 4231 gegenpress but fun to watch like 433 VTT, give it a go and let me know how you do.

I wanted a tactic that was just as fun to watch as a 4-3-3DM vertical tiki taka (VTT) tactic but just as good at winning as a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress. What resulted was something that I call “The Baby” as it seems to be a hybrid of the two, and while it may not be as game-breaking as the tried and true 4-2-3-1, it certainly produces very entertaining football and plenty of good results. And on top of that you can brag to your friends that you’re winning games without using the ol’ 4-2-3-1, even though it’s certainly derived from it.

I started testing this tactic in my Blyth save, which I have taken from the VNN to Champion’s League football in just over a decade, and this is where it originated. I decided to test it across 12 teams in 6 different leagues: 1 title contender or favorite and 1 mid-table favorite. Here are the table results.

Notable Statistics:

Champions League Teams:

Real Madrid - qualified first from group stage, lost to Juventus in the first knockout round via penalties

Manchester City - qualified first from group stage, lost 5-4 on aggregate to PSG in the first round

FC Porto - qualified first from group stage, lost 8-1 on aggregate to Liverpool in the first round

PSG - qualified second from group stage, lost 3-2 on aggregate to Atalanta in the semi-final

Bayern - qualified first from group stage, lost 2-5 on aggregate to Liverpool in the semi-final

Juventus - qualified second from group stage, lost 5-6 on aggregate to Liverpool in the quarter-final

EPL Teams: Manchester City (2nd, pred. 2nd) and Norwich (7th, pred. 17th)

Head-to-head meetings:

Man City 8-0 Norwich

Man City 2-1 Norwich (FA Cup 5th Round)

Norwich 1-1 Man City

Man City Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Kevin De Bruyne - 28G 12A 46 appearances, 7.46 avg rating

Top Assists: Bernardo Silva - 11G 15A 50 appearances, 7.25 avg rating

Norwich Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Teemu Pukki - 21G 3A 35 appearances, 7.01 avg rating

Top Assists: Pierre Lees-Melou - 2G 12A 35 appearances, 7.05 avg rating

La Liga Teams: Real Madrid (1st, pred. 1st) and Getafe (9th, pred. 11th)

Head-to-Head meetings:

Real Madrid 4-1 Getafe

Getafe 3-1 Real Madrid (Spanish Cup 5th Round)

Getafe 0-2 Real Madrid

Getafe Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Borja Mayoral - 18G 5A 34 appearances, 7.00 avg rating

Top Assists: Oscar - 5G 9A 33 appearances, 7.01 avg rating

Real Madrid Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Vinicius Junior - 24G 9A 46 appearances, 7.11 avg rating

2nd Goalscorer: Karim Benzema - 20G 8A 41 appearances, 7.14 avg rating

Top Assists: Marco Asensio - 10G 12A 39 appearances, 7.07 avg rating

Ligue 1 Teams: PSG (1st, pred. 1st) and Strasbourg (4th, pred. 9th)

Head-to-head meetings:

PSG 4-1 Strasbourg

Strasbourg 3-3 PSG

PSG Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Mauro Icardi - 48G 5A 49 appearances, 7.45 avg rating

2nd Goalscorer: Mbappe 38G 15A 50 appearances, 7.46 avg rating

3rd Goalscorer: Messi - 19G 23A 50 appearances, 7.45 avg rating

Top Assists (tie):

Neymar - 11G 23A 48 appearances, 7.41 avg rating

Messi - 19G 23A 50 appearances, 7.45 avg rating

Strasbourg Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Kevin Gamerio - 29G 5A 35 appearances, 7.19 avg rating

Top Assists: Adrien Thomasson - 10G 12A 33 appearances, 7.23 avg rating

Serie A Teams: Juventus (2nd, pred. 2nd) and Genoa (10th, pred. 11th)

Head-to-head meetings:

Genoa 0-3 Juventus

Juventus 2-3 Genoa

Juventus Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Dusan Vlahovic - 39G 8A 42 appearances, 7.40 avg rating

Top Assists: Paulo Dybala - 4G 18A 39 appearances, 7.38 avg rating

Genoa Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Roberto Piccoli - 13G 0A 39 appearances, 6.92 avg rating

Top Assists: Nadiem Amiri - 9G 8A 39 appearances, 6.98 avg rating

Bundesliga Teams: Bayern (1st, pred. 1st) and Koln (8th, pred. 10th)

Head-to-head meetings:

Bayern 5-3 Koln

Koln 2-2 Bayern

Bayern Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Robert Lewandowski - 50G 4A 48 appearances, 7.63 avg rating

Top Assists: Thomas Muller - 12G 23A 49 appearances, 7.15 avg rating

Koln Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Mark Uth - 14G 3A 29 appearances, 6.94 avg rating

Top Assists: Florian Kainz - 6G 11A 35 appearances, 7.11 avg rating

Portuguese Premier League Teams: FC Porto (1st, pred. 1st) and CS Maritimo (8th, pred. 8th)

Head-to-head meetings:

FC Porto 3-1 CS Maritimo

CS Maritimo 0-4 FC Porto

CS Maritimo 2-3 FC Porto (PT Cup Semi Final First Leg)

FC Porto 3-2 CS Maritimo (PT Cup Semi Final Second Leg)

FC Porto Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Francisco Conceicao - 24G 12A 46 appearances, 7.27 avg rating

Top Assists (also 3rd most goals): Fabio Vieira - 21G 22A 44 appearances, 7.70 avg rating

CS Maritimo Top Players:

Top Goalscorer: Andre Vidigal - 16G 7A 41 appearances, 6.93 avg rating

Top Assists: Xadas - 12G 20A 41 appearances, 7.37 avg rating
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