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FMNation The Boa Constrictor

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The aim of this tactic was to dominate matches, and create as many opportunities as possible to score. After my first season messing about with tactics, and formations I have settled on this. The results can be pretty outrageous.

You require players with:
A high work rate
Good passing ability
Good off the ball stats

None of my players have particularly outstanding finishing (bar Ronaldo if I play him). Jovic is good, but the goals flood in from everyone in the midfield - bar your CDM.

This style of "tiki taka" was inspired by a combination of Pep and Klopp. The aim was to be aggressive when the ball is lost, and aggressive when attacking.

I settled on a "balanced" mentality as this enabled for better possession, and I also found that players fatigued less.

Additional player instructions:

F9: Roam from Position
Tackle Harder (I was that ball back, or stop a counter)

AP: Cross less often (seemed to be sending too many balls into the box)

CM: Take more risks
Dribble More
Shoot less often
Tackle Harder

Anchor: Mark Tighter

WB: Shoot Less Often
Stay Wider (these guys are your main point of width as your Raumdeuter will drift in field)

I turn "Work Ball into Box" off and on depending on how the match is going.

You can be susceptible to counters - especially balls over the top as the defensive line is so high. If this persists as a problem, drop the defensive line, as well as line of engagement.
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