Newgens making them better, more diverse and adding affiliates to give every club more nationalities.

Name Changes from European domestic clubs to world competitions some may be missing feel free to let me know but for the most part every major fake names have been changed.

Awards adds new awards and makes simple changes to current awards for realism.

Competitions have their correct names plus extra competitions including obscure youth competitions have been added to add even more realism to the game.

Transfers have been made more realistic in both prices and realistic moves.

Realism has been added to the game through a multitude of different mods on both FM Base and on Steam which has accumulated in over 500,000 database changes in order to make the game feel as real as possible.

I do not take credit for the majority of the content in this overhaul, I am responsible solely for most name changes however all other additions are not mine and this mod was created solely for ease of use as it is easier to download 1 file rather than 20-30 different ones.
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