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Created this tactic because I ended up with my full backs all being injured and needing to adjust on the fly. Had 3 decent enough centre backs to justify using this tactic and found it to be very effective at creating chances. Initially it had some defensive problems however found that once I added specific instructions to the two outside centre backs to "stay wider" that it was much more solid and less susceptible to being hurt on turnovers.

When playing against narrow teams on the left side I prefer to use a Winger on attack with high crossing, while against wider teams I will use the Inverted Winger. Other than that I very rarely adjust the roles during the game, I sometimes change the right sided Wide Midfielder to Defend at the closing stages of the game and bring on my former right Wing Back who is learning the position.

I have only used this for half a season and it has proven to be very effective, hoping that once I make some signings to better suit the roles there will be greater improvement and can begin to challenge better teams going forward. It has already shown moderate success against big teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona, however when running rotated squads against Bayern Munich and PSG I found the players got exposed very easily.

Would love to hear how this works for other people and if there are any adjustments you make that help performance!
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