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The Raumdeuter 2021-01-28

The classic raumdeuter tactic. Great for creating spaces and variation in attack. Not sure if it's already on here as i took it and made my own changes.

I originally noticed that FM wrote an article on space creating and they mentioned the raumdeuter. I became curious and made this from inspiration.
Starting off with this is rough, but 1-2 months in, the players will absoloutly destroy the league.
I usually use this with underdogs and i think it fits pretty well.
Players like Thomas müller and leeds pablo hernandez fit well in the raumdeuter position. The DM, Raumdeuter and fullbacks are the most important in my experience. Make sure to have at very good offensive rwb.
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    Raumdeuter formation.PNG
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    Raumdeuter 2.PNG
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