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The Streamer Built 442

I read it
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Hello everyone,
1st off would like to say a big thank you to a good friend and fellow fm streamer AjWalker. He has helped me massively with this tactic and is as much his 442 as well as mine! So full credit to you mate when you read this!

For us this is the 1st time we have ever posted a tactic to be tested! In real life i coach Football (soccer) and well usually i try not to have help or download a tactic! However this 442 is nearly a Must Have if your going to knock off the top side in your FM Saves.

A flat 442 is something that has faded out of fm in the same light the english has faded out of the ashes. Everyone is know trying to run a 5 at the back or a 3 man strike force of the more flashes 424 4231 or 433 variants. People forget about the roots of football. (same way people forget that england did invent the ashes and were once good at cricket....Before that invaded australia)

So lets go back to our roots... a 442- a flat 442 a system i havent used since fm19
Is a system however that does have the modern day twist! Inverted Wingers werent even thought about when the 442 was born with the wooden balls of old

Also there are player instructions Corner tactics loaded and ive even load up a quite fun Direct tactic (low chance of shot) Free kick routine

Tactic tips:
have a fit team! Players will become tired around the 75th min- Ive created a slightly less intense system to switch into while leading by a couple of goals to see games out
Work Rate and Pace on players will help big time!
Cbs with good physicals will do- Especially in the lower levels of football a physical cb will be better then a technical one here!

lastly the screen shots below
Im in 2031 of my 1860 Youth only challenge on twitch-i swithced into this 442 full time in the 2nd half of the 2030/31 season
Since then i made a UCL final (lost with 10 men from the 35 min) and would of made a run at the league if bayern didnt go 34 games 32 wins and 2 draws....
(2031/32 has just started ive beaten bayern and drew to city in the ucl who i lost the ucl final too!)

Aj is doing a save of his beloved derby and not only is he keeping them up with this 442 he is making the run at the playoffs
without the points deduction he would be top

Lastly Aj run some sims with some teams in the 2nd tier of football across the globe- the screen shots below show the over performance of these sides getting promoted

Please download let me an Aj know how you go! & hopefully this flat but modern 442 performs better than Hamid vs any opening bowler in the world

Ps you can come see the 442 live or check out previous vods of the 442 on twitch- DAMMO_23
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