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The True Diamond - 4-1-3-1-1 - Beerschot Dominance - Posession, Dynamism, Overloads.

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This tactic shows the true shape of a diamond - not a square rotated to sit on it's corner, as is the norm.

Possession is the best form of defence with this formation - a half back will drop between two centre backs instructed to stay wider, allowing for marauding wing back runs forward and multiple passing options when in control of the ball. The half back is, in my opinion, the most important part of this tactic, giving everyone ahead of him the freedom to attack and maintaining a solid rest defence. The half back should be a hard working steam engine who is comfortable passing under pressure; i.e., high work rate, stamina, composure, decisions, and passing. The half back is the pivot around which attacking moves are catalysed and oriented.

The midfield trio - two mezzalas on attack either side of a central midfielder on attack provide excellent dynamism in midfield, making constant runs forward which overwhelm opposition back lines. Expect a lot of goals from the midfield.

The attacking force features a roaming second striker and a complete forward on attack. The former should be adept at finding space to both facilitate and convert chances, linking the forward runs from the midfield to the complete forward, who will in turn have the ability to convert practically any chance in the box. The complete forward will also pick up many assists by setting up chances from the midfield runners.

The wing backs are the main drivers for chance creation - a narrow formation with a narrow attacking structure means they are the only providers of width. In situations where there is little space in the middle, with a lot of attacking players forward, the wing backs can find themselves in space out wide to draw out defenders, creating further dynamism to act as the key to unlock the overloads that have been set up, if you will.

If three words could describe this tactic, they would be:

1) Possession - Team commonly has greater than 60% possession, players constantly have options so the opposition find it hard to press, where the opposition often allows many passes per defensive action (PPDA)

2) Dynamism - Constant runs from the midfield and wing backs - facilitated by the crucial half back - mean that the structure of the team may be described as a 'controlled fluidity'.

3) Overloads - The combination of the attacking midfield, supporting wing backs, and front duo mean that there are often 7 players in an attacking phase of play, all of whom are suited to ball retention and chance creation. This overwhelms the opposition defence.

I am unbeaten in 61 league games in the Jupiler Pro League with Beerschot, last season was an undefeated season where I got to the Champions League Quarter finals, being knocked out by Barcelona 1-0 on aggregate. This tactic won me the league twice in a row in a team with the 5th largest wage revenue in the league. Team cohesion and optimal rotation seems really important, as the tactic relies greatly upon controlled positional fluidity and quick passing.

I was inspired by a tactic by 'themaiden83' called ' 433 LUKE 2.0 TACTIC', which has a similar shape, albeit with no strikers (link: https://beta.fm-base.co.uk/tactics/23.1.0/433-luke-20-tactic-601830-7206 )

P.S. The individual instructions are very important to the way the tactic works - especially having the two centre backs stay wider, allowing the half back to drop in, and by instructing everyone to engage in shorter passing, with fewer risks taken for the 'rest defence' players.


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Here are example matches against AS Monaco in the Champions League and KRC Genk, close title rivals in this save, respectively.
Example Match vs. AS Monaco.PNG

Example Match vs. KRC Genk.PNG
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