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The Vertical 4-4-2

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A vertical tiki-taka in a 4-4-2 formation, with the main focus being intricate passing, maintaining possession and finding players on forward runs to get in behind the defense.

I started using this formation in FM21 during my journeyman save and have continued using it in FM22 with my current journeyman save at Marseille with great success. The driving force of this tactic is having 4 creative players in your forward/wing positions that can play one-twos and make runs to the goal. The DLF will drop in between the spaces and provide link play to the IW-As and the AF. The BBM is there to make runs from deep and be a dynamic outlet for linking play between the lines. The BWM-D is there to clean things up and win the ball back -- I typically want them to hold their position ahead of the center backs and try to catch any counters. I've chosen both sides as FB-S with the intent that they will be able to provide an outlet on the wing and send in some crosses but not advance too far up the field so that they are played out of position on the counter.
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