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Title winning Everton Tactic

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This is the tactic I used in my second season at Everton . I won both the FA cup and Premier League in this season. The Tactic works best with very technical players so you will have to be at quite a decent level to use it effectively atleast that is what I suspect I havent really used it outside a top 5 league. As for set pieces I Never made any adjustments to the default set piece routines feel free to change that to suit you. I would suggest having Wing backs that are quite decent with crossing my wingbacks got a ton of assists in this system. I also tend to have one Primarily creative winger and capable of both creating and goal scoring, one that is mainly a goalscorer works well too. In midfield I usually have one player that does most of the creating and goalscoring from midfield the other two midfielders are mainly to work hard and win the ball back and are usually both decent passes just to keep things ticking. Having a sweeper keeper is also very important as it is a high line of defence and good distribution is also recommended. I would also suggest prioritsing a good striker you will usually create more chances than your opponent so having a quality striker can carry your team at times.

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