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Toasty RAM/AP 4-3-3 Double Mezzala 21.3

Myself and two friends are working on a Pentagon challenge together and this is the formation we have just won the Asian Champions League with, averaging over 3.4 goals per game.

Tom had used this successfully in his Journeyman, winning the Austrian league with Wolfberger and the Swiss League with Grasshoppers, and is currently chasing Porto with Guimaraes.

It's a very wide system were you need the right players up front. The Raumdeuter is key to the whole attack working and dynamic Mezzalas.

On testing, Erling Halaand scored 50 goals in 48 games and Mbappe racked up 26 goals and 21 assists as the RAM. Amazingly Lorient's striker scored 30 league goals and topped Ligue 1 in testing.

Expect a very high xG and lots of sweeping passes across the pitch.

This needs to be trained in terms of Match Prep and having everyone comfortable with the tactic is important. Pre-season is key.

Set-pieces are a left-footer on the right and right on the left for corners and make sure your best header is up for corners and throws.

No PIs or OIs

For the RAM you need anticipation, decisions and off the ball, plus good technicals.
AP needs dribbling, finishing and speed.
TM needs heading, anticipation, off the ball and strength.

You will get goals from the Mezzalas, so make sure they strong in that role.
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