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Total Football 4-2-4

If we think of modern football, we think of something fluid made of movements without the ball and quick exchanges between players, we think of courageous defenses that climb forward to try to stifle the opponent's maneuver.
I came up with this tactic trying to reproduce total football faithfully and I think I succeeded.
No one is indispensable ALL are important.
As you can see it is a tactic that scores everyone and not a tactic where the attackers score 80 goals in two.
I played with Napoli, a good team but not excellent to play at the top in all competitions, towards the end of the season I made a lot of turnover to be able to face the cups in the best possible way since the championship was won many days in advance, I think with a more complete team and with the right players for each role can do even better.
Most of the goals came early in the season where the team still had to learn tactics. Some games were lost due to large turnover (11/11).
I am attaching as much data as possible and I will keep you updated waiting for the second season trying to make the transfer market and complete the squad. I also look forward to your feelings. Good fun
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