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Ultimate Glitch in FM2020 1

I've found a way to stop the game and keep the current result. It's a very specific situation that when it happens, the game stops.

- A Tiki Taka tactic (to have possession and more throw ins)
- A long throw routine
- Set the keeper as the taker
- The keeper must be on a very especific place (usually near to the corner flag)

When your team has a throw in on a attack position, your keeper will take it, but he will fail and the ball won't be on pitch. Then, the game freezes until the final whistle and the result will stand.
Strangely, the players will be tired, but on the next match all of them will be near at 100% condition.

You can have an example: Arsenal has won the first leg against Manchester United. On the second leg, I've did the glitch and keep the 0-0.
You should try it at least once!
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