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Underdog Grinder 2021-02-12

During my Dundalk career, I often enjoy abusing lesser teams with my now sub-par premier league level squad... but the champions league has other ideas. I created this tactic following 2 group stage exits and within the first season of use, I managed to get out of a group involving Man City and PSG, knocking out Real Madrid and Rangers (of all teams) before my eventual defeat to Liverpool. In the following 3 seasons, I have made at least the quarters, with a final now waiting to be played. I achieved all this with an average squad rating of around 130 PA with a star academy graduate of 150 in the BBM role. This is a raw, stripped bare, butchers dog of a tactic, substituting any modicum of flare for a grinding afternoon of football. Making use of the primitive 4-4-2 this tactic will very often leave you behind in the stat categories- all except the one that truly matters. Somehow, unbeknownst to me, this tactic seemed to turn my bang average keeper into Jan Oblak, with averages of around ten saves a game. Games often fly by with only 1 or 2 key highlights, oftentimes being the totally undeserved goals for my squad on a no-nonsense counter-attack. For full effect, I recommend pressing all opponent midfield players along with the goal keeper, whilst putting any attacking players onto their weaker foot. I wouldn't recommend this for a full lower league season but it is great as a closeout option. I did sim a season using this tactic and was able to win the Irish league with 97 points, but with 5 draws (if memory serves correct). However in such a weak league, teams are often fearful of dedicating players forward, so this tactic may not be as effective.
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