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v0lliz 433 DM NARROW, DM WB versions 1.10.5

Four versions of the 1.10.5 tactic, as you can see you can use all four or just move around positions a little as you please. I personally like using Salah and Mane in two AF roles, but if your team have a signicant goalscorer mayby go with one AF role for him instead. Can also change the complete forward to a support role to create more depth in attack, usuful for players such as Firmino, Shaqiri, Minamino etc.

Corner setup is just ripped from Knap's tactics as these seem to work good enough.
I set my l/r wb and cml to take corners, this way no other players are drawn out of their position.

version a:
lfc_competitions_a.pnglfc_league standings_a.pnglfc_league_a.pnglfc_performance_a.pnglfc_performance_defence_a.pnglfc_performance_shots_a.pnglfc_tactic_a.png

version b:
lfc_competitions_b.pnglfc_league standings_b.pnglfc_league_b.pnglfc_performance_b.pnglfc_performance_defence_b.pnglfc_performance_shots_b.pnglfc_tactic_b.png

version c:
lfc_competitions_c.pnglfc_league standings_c.pnglfc_league_c.pnglfc_performance_c.pnglfc_performance_defence_c.pnglfc_performance_shots_c.pnglfc_tactic_c.png

version d:
lfc_competitions_d.pnglfc_league standings_d.pnglfc_league_d.pnglfc_performance_d.pnglfc_performance_defence_d.pnglfc_performance_shots_d.pnglfc_tactic_d.png
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