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v0lliz 433 2.0.4

Go extremly wide when attacking in an effort to widen the pitch against teams who are playing very defensivly. Also with one of the strikers as an AF the opposition defenders need to consider that the AF will always try to get in space behind them.

Attached is my typical line up.


Scoring more goals and consistantly scoring goals from corners/throw in's

This is no cheat/gamebreaking tactic, just settings that are logical and makes sense to me:
  1. A lot of dribble settings results in a lot of yellow/red cards for the opposition. This makes things easier attacking for the reminder of the game. And as a added bonus we get awarded a lot of penalties.
  2. Produce a lot of crosses from the byline from the wide strikers and lb/rb. Results in a lot of chances created.
  3. Produces a lot of shots on goal, coupled with best conversion rate in the league = success
These results is from season three with liverpool, a lot better results than just going on vacation in s1.

For corner setup i have set lb/rb and cmc to stay back on corners so make sure one of these guys is taking your corners. And place your best jumping/heading cb in the lcb position.
For throw'ins make sure lb takes left side and rb takes right side. Try to train og buy lb/rb that possesses long flat throw.