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V1 | Tactical Base | ChristianEriksen Back in FM World

V1 | Tactical Base | ChristianEriksen Back in FM World

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Hi guys, ChristianEriksen here. I was inspired to get back to Football Manager by my job as an individual tactical analyst for professional players. It was pretty hard to come as close as I would, specially to get the results in, but I managed to do a decent job. At least, I hope so.

The tactic is usefull for teams that focus on prediction 1st tot 10th. I am having a really good season at Valencia CF. And - before saving this Valencia CF career over my West Ham career - I was on top of the league with West Ham United. I haven't tested this tactic with lower predicted teams. Having a team that is too good for the league? Switch to attacking mentality.

Opposition instructions
These are important to press the opponent to the outside of the field. I don't like it as a team instructions so I had to install opposition instructions.

Set piece takers
To be honest, I always prefer making a decent tactic without looking to standard situation tactics. So, that's probably the first thing you can import yourself.

Specific training
I have the selected tactical training as a focus to get familiar with the tactic as fast as possible. After the players are familiair I select balanced training.
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