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Very Attacking 4-3-3_The Arthamart (2021)

Very Attacking 4-3-3_The Arthamart (2021) 2020-12-26

Very Attacking 4-3-3_The Arthamart (2021).png

TACTIC : Very Attacking 4-3-3_The Arthamart (2021) for FM2021 by Sir.Noom Angthong.

The Arthamart_ขุนรองปลัดชู.png

Very Attacking 4-3-3_The Arthamart (2021).Overview.png


- Both winger play more dribble and cut inside frome wide. Therefore , must search Right winger player prefered LEFT foot , and Left winger player prefered RIGHT foot.

- Don't set the free kicks taker.

- Right winger take kick RIGHT corner.

- Left winger take kick LEFT corner.

- The center of midfielder position is best Defensive he play Defense Ball Winning Midfielder and Work Rate very necessary.

- The both wing back R/L must strong attacking as Dribbling , Acc. , Pace , and Work Rate very necessary.

- If your CB , WB , MC fast punishment by yellow card then advise you make decision to substitution change request. ⚽

English Premier Division 2-1-2021.png

EURO Cup Group B.png

Play for fun , Play for SPIRIT of football. / Sir.Noom Angthong

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