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Very pressing 424 with a lot of goals scored

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The first save I did with the tactic was with SL Benfica. I became that save overlord in an instant. That bored me, so I created one with the Portuguese Narnia, Leiria. I got promoted from the third division in the first season and was able to get a promotion to the main league by the following season. Even with this weaker team, I was able to score a ton of goals and suffer very few.

Here is a screenshot of the tactic Screenshot


To get the most out of it, you need to pay attention to some stuff:

  • fast defenders are important;
  • the centre left midfielder must have good offensive attributes because he will do a few assistants and appear in front of the goal to score;
  • the centre right midfielder must have good defensive attributes;
  • the centre-left forward must have good finishing attributes;
  • the centre-right forward must have good finishing and passing attributes;
  • the wingers must be good at passing and finishing.
If you can't fill these requirements, don't worry, you'll still score a lot of goals, but you will have even more missed opportunities.

The screenshot below is from my current season. I had two draws because I spent more than half the season on vacation so the game would advance faster ' Even so, the team scored a crazy amount of goals - almost 150!


Here are my latest results


I'm sharing the tactic here because I'm very proud of it, and I hope it helps other managers.
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