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Walrus 4-1-2-3 DM Wide 1.0

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My first attempt at a formation, I was really happy with it. Worked really well with Burton Albion, both in the lower divisions and in the Prem. I eventually won the Prem, CL, FA Cup and EFL Cup in my 8th season

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I've been mucking around with the CDM position too. Some games where you need the DM to press forward a bit more and support the more creative midfielders, playing DM Support is better than Anchor. The L CM position I change between DLP Support and Mezzala as well, not sure which I prefer yet, both seem effective.

I will admit there were a few times where I was inconsistent and just could not break down defences playing deep, despite having more possession and/or goal scoring opportunities. Not sure if it's me/the tactic or the match engine or a combination of both.

Ignore the inconsistent results in the league at the end of the season. I was giving heaps of game time to my young players as I'd already won the league. We had some amazing performances including a 4-1 win against Bayern and a complete demolition of Man S****y 4-1.

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