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I developed this tactic over 5 seasons with Barcelona whilst also trying to get them out of debt. It has evolved quite a bit over time and borrows influence from various creators such as RDF, Knap and others I have observed over the years.

I wanted something that had a good defence, solid possession and still plenty of attacking threat.

I set assistant manager to training and holidayed all these tests so I am confident that playing yourself would give better results with good squad management and teamtalks etc.

It's a solid back 4 with FB that will overlap but only when safe and they don't bomb on constantly, good physicals and crossing are important. The CB's are pretty standard and as always pace and jumping reach/heading are important.

The 3 central midfielders are really important to this tactic, the DLP needs to be defensively solid and with good passing/vision with the two CM(A) having good physicals, passing, long range shooting and vision.

The wingers need to be your standard wingers but with good finishing as they will get in to great positions to score, if they have decent positioning/tackling it also helps to win back possession.

The AF is pretty standard, physicals, composure and finishing being the key attributes.

The tests were across a range of teams in 5 leagues, all very positive with perhaps the exception of Betis who didn't do as well as the others, perhaps just not having the right players for it.

Set pieces were borrowed and tweaked but apologies I can't remember who from.

Any questions then please ask but otherwise good luck if you try it.

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