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Xabi Alonso-esque beautiful football 2024-02-09

Alonso has conquered all football fans since his appointment at Bayer Leverkusen due to his incredible tactical mindset and watchful eye to get the best out of his players. Leverkusen were struggling and he managed to salvage them and then turn them into a powerhouse this season.

Only makes sense for us fans to do our best to replicate his approach and that clearly includes me ;)

His main focuses are:
  • Short passing, higher tempo football
  • Positional play and fluidity while incorporating Relationism
  • Gegenpressing situationally
  • High wingbacks that have freedom and are tactically inept when attacking
  • Possession
  • Creative freedom while performing certain tasks to help the team
  • Defend in either a 541 or 424 (Frimpong RWB presses as a RW a lot of the time)
So with that being said heres a screenshot of the tactic and explanations of why I've selected certain roles

SKde- Play out from back and is capable of being on the ball
WCBsu- Can act as a false RB at times and helps the DM's and RWB in attack
CDco and CDde- Mainly to stay further back and act as a typical 2 man resting defence
LB=WBat- Similar principles to the higher up wing back but forms a 4 man defence easier and isn't as attacking
RWBat- No complete wingback as has stay wider hard coded, train attacking player traits and he'll still perform a lot like a proper winger would aka Frimpong in real life.
Both DMs on support- Hard to replicate roles from Palacios and Xhaka correctly so made do with the limitations on FM, works fantastically as long as you have one creative player and one workhorse that has tackling and half decent passing
Both AM's as Enganche on Support- I'm aware that Hoffmann and Wirtz have particuar roles in real life but on FM these roles are truly incredible in this setup and can behave a lot like how the pair do in real life
AFat- Player that leads the line and creates havoc with the AM's

Potential tweaks you could do
  • Work ball into box instead of early crosses
  • Low crosses instead of whipped crosses
  • Add focus play through middle
These are all things I've tested and continue to change. They all work and it can come down to preferences and/or opposition.

Player instructions (Both Enganche's and DM's have same instructions)










Average Position with Ball

Average Position without ball

Annoyingly my Leverkusen save vanished and I wasn't able to showcase their current team and how the players performed for me using this. I can say that it was as successful as it is for my Chelsea save.
The football this plays can truly be beautiful, controlling, liquid and very solid defensively.

Will continue to keep tweaking if and when I believe it needs it. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!
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