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Yorkalona 27-02

FMKorea FMNation Yorkalona 27-02 2040

Yorkalona. I wanted to create a tactic that i can watch, that i can build a team into and have that excitement of bringing the Barcelona way of playing.. i created this tactic with the idea of MOVEMENT and Intelligent passing to create space and it has been working at all levels.

when buying players for the Middle of the park focus on PASSING VISION and DECISIONSView attachment 545785 Finishing top of a few different tactic testing on youtube

Ajax won champs league season 1Ajax vs Barcelona.pngseason 1 ajax trophys.png and iv had loads of success with just holiday tests with AC Milan and Arsenal and Real Sociedad with photos below

Birmingham champions 1st season in championship and then season 1 in prem 5ht Birminham 21-22.png
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  1. will it get tested ?

    will this get tested ??