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You Cannot Fail With This Tactic - 4-3-3 DM Wide. 20.2.4

Hi guys,

Firstly, I've only ever posted one or two tactics on here before, none this year however. If I post a tactic it's purely because I've tried and tested it and i know it's better than anything else i've used. I'd go as far as saying it's better than any tactic currently on this website too.

What I've tried...

I got Altrincham to the Championship using a different tactic, but that was proving too inconsistent in the Championship so i changed formation and created this beauty. I used this tactic for the last 19 games of the season with 15 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses. Before the change i had 12 wins, 9 draws, 6 losses... So you can see the difference it made! As you can see on screenshots, I won the league. (Predicted - 16th)

I then moved into the Premier League, spending £59m with £62m income. This was due to making good profit on players i had in the championship and selling youth players for good money. Transfers were mostly signed on free transfers OR transfer listed bargains. I have the lowest wage bill in the league, Predicted 16th again and i'm currently 7th.

On another, i'm doing a DOF journeyman save..

I started with Hereford where i was predicted 5th. I won the league comfortably and went into the National League where i finished 9th in my first season after being predicted 19th.
After a good transfer window i was predicted 7th, but i took them to 1st and half way through the season i moved to a struggling Burton side who were predicted 2nd in League Two but were sat in 19th place. I was 16 points off play-off's and 22 points off automatic promotion. However, i started strongly and won 67% of my games, ending the season in 3rd and getting automatic promotion on the last day of the season.
After another good transfer window i was predicted 14th in League one, but as expected i started well and after 18 games i sat in 1st again. The Derby job became available so i applied and got the job.
Derby were predicted 8th but sat in 20th place in the Championship. I was 12 points off play-off's and 25 points off automatic promotion. However i have won 70% of my games and currently sit 4 points off 2nd, comfortably in the play-off's by 9 points. I'm pushing for automatic though.

Anyway, moral of the story - This tactic has won at 4 different clubs for me and i'd recommend it to absolutely everyone.

What to expect..

  1. You will concede often.
  2. You will score alot.
  3. You'll recieve the most yellow cards in the league & have the most fouls too.
  4. You'll have strong possession & strong chances created.
  5. You'll see alot of goals via a direct approach
  6. You'll see alot of goals via possession based football.
  7. Your DM will be your best performer most years (average rating)
What i'd suggest..

If you are plug and playing this, please accept that YOU WILL have bad spells every now and again, don't sweat, it'll come good again and if you stick with it, you will succeed.

If you're still reading..

You're clearly interested so here's some details to add.
If you get a red card, i'd suggest going without a RW or RCM, but honestly, they're not perfect so try what you feel comfortable with.
Your RB is most likely to get sent off, so if he's on a yellow in the last 30 mins i'd recommend possibly subbing him. However personally, i try sub as many yellow carded players as i can anyway!

Player instructions..

LW - Pass it shorter & Roam from position.
RW - Pass it shorter.

If i've missed anything, let me know & i'll update the post.

Feel free to post your own results and opinions of this tactic & ask any questions if need be.
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