Ghis is not may tactic

This is the tactic I came up during Beta. It's a high intensity tactic with very attacking mentality, in which every player contributes offensively. Wingbacks and wingers are both inverted, meaning the one holding the ball cuts inside while the one without it opens wide, stretching the field. It follows the philosophy of short-long-wide, where every player will always have those three options of passing when in possession, being free to choose any option they consider best.

The test below was performed with Manchester City and Norwich (fired) on holiday mode. Assistant manager took all decisions, including team selection.

here are no oposition instructions or set piece takers, and foot of wingers is not relevant (inverted might be better, but difference is marginal). Set pieces are made so right BPD and VOL should have the best aerial game and right striker should be the fastest.

Main attributes are probably pace, acceleration, agility and dribbling (jumping reach instead for defenders). Stamina might also be important, but I would wait for TFF's 75 Siblings tests before trusting it blindly.

No special training schedule is needed, but I would recommend to focus on increasing chance of winning during current season, including attacking movements, defensive position and teamwork for next match bonuses, quickness for most important attributes, match practice and team bonding for happiness and cohesion, and recovery to prevent injuries. I always set up position training to tactic role and individual training to quickness (or GK reactions). For pre-season, I recommend to focus on quickness for most important attributes and endurance to improve condition and avoid injuries during season, with one friendly per week. Use friendlies on reserve/youth team to keep secondary squad players fit.

I will add screenshots for player instructions, team instructions and set pieces later, if tactic is promising enough.

Leave a comment below if you liked the tactic and make sure to share your results. Enjoy!
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