Water is a high intensity defensive tactic based on Fire, but with wingers and attacking midfielder dropped to a deeper position. For tips and extra information, check the Fire thread.

When in possession, inverted wingbacks cut inside to become midfielders while both volantes will infiltrate through the middle and cause confusion. The tactic scores goals from inside the box and distributes them evenly between advanced forwards, with assists distributed evenly between middle and flanks.


league 1.pngleague 2.png
league 3.pngleague 4.png

You should use Water Light when you want to rest your players and avoid bookings, thinking about the rest of the season. I recommend using it anytime you think a match is under control, like two or three goals of difference. If your aim is to hold a score, just set mentality from Water to Cautious instead.

tactic - light.png

Leave a comment below if you liked the tactic and make sure to share your results. Enjoy!
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