Zealand's Real Faces on Regens

FMNation Zealand's Real Faces on Regens v1.0

This is a pack. It contains real faces.

As for how it works:

The faces are pulled from other management games. The config has been set up to repeat the faces over 1 million times, so you will basically never run out. The pack itself has nearly 15K faces in it, I have used it for a few years and barely seen any repeats in it. It is also a great resource for changing individual faces, as I explain in a video released the 23rd.

This can be needed - because as of yet we haven't figured out how to match the faces with the skin-color/ethnicity coded into the game. I enjoy selecting faces for a few of my regens/newgens every now and again, which is the solution we have right now until the coding bit is finished. It looks like it will take a while to get through though, so I wanted to get this out to you all.

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Thanks for sharing this bro but I think you need to fix the XML file. It didn't work for me at first, until i switched skins. After testing a little, it seems some skins just don't work with the pack. I was using "TangFu" (centred) at first then changed it to the left sided version and it works. This also works for some other skins too.

If it doesn't work at first, try changing skin.
Doesn't work, After following the steps the faces don't appear in any player in my youth club.
awsome, this the last issue in fm - thanks :D
Can You add some indonesian face?
I need some help please, would be much appreciated since I found out about face gens -
- so I have downloaded 7zip
- downloaded the 3.AGP Megapack
- extracted the 3.AGP Megapack into FM20/ regen faces folder
- reloaded the game - reloaded skin

Still doesn't work for me. When I have extracted the 3.AGP Megapack file there are no game faces in the folder or a config file. Am I doing something wrong?
Hi there, I'm having problems downloading the facepack onto Mac, any help?
Love it ! Have you guys had any progress with the regen ethnicity issue yet ?
Installed this for FM18 and it works like a charm with that version as well. Though I had to uninstall again since there where too many known faces for my liking. Had three NHL players show up in my U21 and another one interviewing me in a post-match press conference. If I had no idea who those hockey players where I would still rock this pack as it's great for immersion.