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Zealand's Step Child 433 Possession into Goals (Zealand's Zep Guardiola Tweak)

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Took Zealand's Zep Guarldiola tactic and played around and tweaked his tactic. When playing with the original tactic, I felt like my team wouldn't move the ball around fast to displace the opposition. We seemed to dwell on the ball too long between passing and moving. When looking at Zealand's original tactic I changed Tempo from Standard to Slightly Higher to get the ball moving quicker. After this change It adequately picked up the tempo making passing decisions but also switching play. The only complaint was at times we switched play or went direct too often and lost the ball, so I changed Passing Directness from Shorter to Much Shorter. This changed our play to much quicker ball movement and picking our moments better to switch play, resulting in more fast pace ball movement & possession but clinical when switching play and deciding to attack. Do to only our attackers not being great at heading, I changed Mixed Crosses to Low Crosses. Other changes made was to our defensive setup, changing from a Higher Line of Engagement to Much Higher Line of Engagement and a Standard Defensive Line to Higher Defensive Line. Also changed to a Force Opposition Out Wide Defensive Width in place of the Standard Defensive Width. The only games we changed the Line of Engagement and Defensive Line back was against Liverpool due to Salah and Mane.
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