Dec 31, 2011
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You may remember me from such posts as "good players who will sign for Southampton"
Well I took the advice started a new save and finally settled on a 4-2-2-2 Bayern Tactic which is working nicely.
This new save has one big difference to the old one. Ive been given a £30 mill jan transfer budget!
Im lying 5th and need advice for players who can help me make the top four.
Again, a lot of the really well known players wont come near Southampton, so forget your Cavanis

1st on the list is a new striker or 2.
Kweuke is a cracking player, but he's just gone to ACON for a month

Current team is
Ochoa, Guillermo GK

Strandberg, Stefan DC/CM (Wow - what a player average over 7.5)
Borja Gómez DC Immense
Peruzzi, Gino RB alt with Clyne
Forren LB

schendilen\Cork - alt with Praet, Dennis\Drage, Thomas\Romero, Lucas


Lambert (injured) Kweuke (ACON), Sassá, Jay Rod

So got huge wad burning a hole!
I just finished second season with Saints. They're great fun aren't they! Won the Europa league and finished 4th.

I'd get a new left back, as Forren is a tad slow. Martin Olsson/Neil Taylor/Ben Davies? If you need another CB Bellusci from Catania is amazing, and under £4million.

Diame is a great buy if you need some power in midfield. And also Jay-Rod has been great for me, so use him. His value is £8million now and he's gone to the World Cup with England.
Think I may have just posted this on your other thread, but buy Eduardo from Shakhtar for around £6m! Scored 17 goals in 16 games for my Swansea side, halfway through first season!

Might be too late, but try get Neal Maupay on a pre-contract... Fantastic young striker and I got him for £1.2m!
Destro is pretty beast and you can get him for 6-10M.
Brazilian striker called Andre is class for me on my file in my 3rd season i think, Playing him as a poacher with a DLF next to him is working brilliantly for me. 45 goals last season and 11 in 10 games so far this season. Cost me about 16million. Il have a look what club he plays for when im home from work
Thanks for the replies guys. In the end I didnt spend much of it as a lot of the expensive players just wont come without euro football.
In the end I got Burdisso, Sassá,Allione, Agustín, Douglas Santos and Romero, Lucas

But it looks like prices went up on the new 13.3 version as I could no longer get them as cheap as before and Admilison is like over 20 million!