Jan 4, 2013
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Man Utd fans will be mourning the loss of their cherished manager Sir Alex Ferguson after he decided that he can no longer commit himself to the club and ensure the up keep of his health at the same time, The legendary manager who is well into his seventies and has guided his team to countless trophies within a twenty-five year tenure will be sorely missed, not just by the club and it's fans but within the whole of the footballing world. Fergie had admitted that seeing his side narrowly miss out on the Premier League crown last season had spurnned him on to try one more campaign managing his beloved club but after careful consideration he felt he couldn't jeopardise his health.

The club released an emotional statement through David Gill at an impromptu press conference outside of Old Trafford shortly after the news was released.

"I think the whole of the Manchester United universe is indebted to a wonderful man who has given up twenty-five years of his life for this club. This club would not stand in such good stead without Sir Alex. He has been the backbone, brain and heart of this club for so many years and myself and Mr. Glazer would like to offer him the opportunity to come back to the club whenever he likes. Sir Alex deserves all of our thanks and the of whole footballing world has lost a spectacular man from the sport"

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Man Utd Unveil Shock Managerial Appointment

Manchester United who seem to be full of shocks recently have again dropped another bombshell on the footballing world with an eye-openeing managerial appointment. The whole world was saddened to hear of the departure of Sir Alex and it sent seismic waves through England, Europe and to the rest of the world. The two main question marks which now hung over Manchester United were, who would they install to manage in what is probably the most high pressured job in football and would that individual cope following in the footsteps of such an illustrious predecessor?

One of those questions has now been answered as Manchester United have unveiled that their new manager will be none other than Nigel Adkins, formally of Southampton and who has only recently been sacked from the South Coast Club. Manchester United fans have certainly been shocked by the appointment of a manager who quite rightly doesn't seem to have the right credentials for such a high profile job. The decision has been met with an uneasy reaction with many fans now worrying about how the club will succeed under Adkins.

A Press Conference from Manchester United's training ground Carrington took place where David Gill got to sit aside the clubs new manager and at least try to quell some of the fans fears and explain why a lower profile manager had been given the opportunity to manager the most successful club in Britain.

Press Conference: Carrington Training Ground

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With both men seated and ready to speak to the press, it seemed the baying media would be able to unleash all of the questions that so many people wanted to ask. There were around fifty members of the media from all around the country in attendance, all eager to hear what Manchester United's managing director David Gill had to say about the shock move and how the newly installed Manchester United manager Nigel Adkins felt about it too.

Jim Munro - The Sun
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J.M - I'd like to start things off Mr. Gill and I have the question that everyone is dying to know. Why have you given Nigel the job over the likes of perhaps the more suitable candidates such as José Mourinho, David Moyes and Pep Guardiola?

D.G - What makes you think that Nigel isn't just as suitable for the role? Do you remember twenty-five years ago? Many of you would have been youngsters yourself but the club signed a manager back then who wasn't the ideal candidate. His name was Alex Ferguson and he has gone on to become the most distinguishable manager of all time. Nigel is young, full of energy and extrememly professional. His feats at Southampton were incredible and it was a shame that he was sacked. I feel though however that we have got possibly the brightest young manager England has at the moment. We had been looking at Nigel before his ill-fated end with the Saints and he was hand picked by Sir Alex as someone who he thought held the qualities to succeed him.

David Ornstein - BBC Sport
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D.O - Again another question for you Mr. Gill. How do you feel the fans have reacted since Sir Alex's departure and now that you have Nigel in place?

D.G - Everything I have heard or read from the fans has been encouraging and positive. Obviously losing Alex out of the blue like we did was hard to take, he was like part of the furniture around here. Some fans have known no different while others remember the time before his tenure. What I need to empthasise is that we will carry on with the clubs philosophies and everything that we have stood for whilst Sir Alex was here. Nothing will change in that respects. In regards to Nigel's appointment I haven't read anything negative whatsoever.

Simon Rice
- The Independent
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S.R - Nigel how does it feel to come to a club like Manchester United after having been sacked from Southampton?

N.A - It's fantastic to be here, I really am as excited as anyone. I was disappointed at the way Southampton dealt with me and yes I felt the chairman there could have handled it differently. I thought we were on the same page length but I guess I was wrong. I enjoyed my time down there immensley and am proud of what we achieved, I guess without the club I wouldn't be here today. To come to United though is by far the best thing that's happened in my managerial career so far. You only dream of coming to a place like this. When I got the call I assumed it was a hoax and nearly put the phone back down. Luckliy I didn't and when myself and David got together I think we both agreed that all parties could definately work together and benefit the club.

Peter Spencer - Manchester Evening News
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P.S - So Nigel what plans have you got for the squad? With Rooney, Van Persie,
Hernández and Welbeck you have inherited a side with firepower coming out of it's ears.

N.A -
I am lucky in that respects, Yes the club has a formidable strikeforce and yes it is the best strikeforce I have ever had at my disposal. It will i'm sure give me headaches throughout the season. The club however will facilitate them all as it did in 1999 with Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I have no immediate plans to sell or buy anyone but I will be evaluating the squad and working with the backroom staff here to see where we can improve and if any players would benefit from moving, either on loan or permanently. I am impressed with the backroom staff here but may be looking to appoint one or two more coaches as I feel we are slightly light in this area.

Steve Jackson - Sky Sports
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S.J - Nigel who will win the Premier League this year?

N.A - Manchester United Of Course

The Press Conference was wrapped up with the journalists seemingly satisfied with what they had heard. It seemed that Gill was confident with the clubs choice in who it had selected to lead them. Nigel Adkins also seemed confident in his own abilities and he didn't let the media scepticism get to him or bring him down

After the Press conference Nigel Adkins was led off to meet the players by David Gill for the first time since his appointment

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Young Brazillian Starlet Signs For United

Nigel Adkins hasn't been in charge of Manchester United all that long but has already secured his first transfer signing for the club. Adkins has stated that he is ultimately looking to the future and with the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic in their latter years of their careers it seems only logical that the club would want to focus on the next generation of players for the club. Adkins has sent his scouts all over the world with Spain, Brazil, Italy, England and France the priority destinations. Adkins has been in constant dialogue with the clubs chief scout Jim Lawlor as they try to ensure all of their targets are snapped up before they are touted by other clubs.

Léo Baptistao - £3,200,000 -View attachment 307560Rayo Vallecano

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Léo signs on a four year contract from the Spanish side Rayo Vallecano. It has been stated that this young man had been one of Sir Alex Ferguson's transfer targets before he left the club and to wrap this transfer up all Adkins had to do was tie up a few loose ends and sign off a few formalities. Adkins has however stated his delight at the signing and has admitted that he has been impressed with what he has seen of the youngster. Baptistao who has been handed the number 28 shirt can play up front or as an attacking midfielder. It is most likely that he will be used behind the attackers with the club already having enough strikers and in no need for another.

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Léo: "Joining a club of this stature has been fantastic, the fans, the coach and the chairman have all been amazing. I knew within minutes of being here that this was the club I wanted to sign for. I will miss everyone I have left in Spain but am excited and looking foward to my future with Manchester United

I know I will have to work hard to earn my place in the team but working with the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Paul Scholes who I admire immensley will only make me a better player".




Nigel Adkins Back To Southampton For Future Evra Replacement

Manchester United and Nigel Adkins have possibly made one of the signings of the Transfer Window with the arrival of Southampton left back Luke Shaw. Adkins knows the seventeen year old well from his time in charge of the Saints and is very well placed to judge him. The youngster has for a while now been touted as a future England international and with his move to United this surely will increase his chances of fulfilling this claim. With Patrice Evra now in the twilight of his playing career this move will benefit all involved. It will give Shaw time to develop as a Man Utd left back and with the guidance of the Frenchman he could become a fantastic player.

Luke Shaw- £3,500,000 - View attachment 307578Southampton


Shaw has signed on a five year deal which will see him hopefully integrated into the first choice left back for the club during this time. At a club like Man Utd his promise will increase ten fold and he will be expected to fulfill his potential and become one of the best in his position. With Adkins already having experience with the player it will hopefully be a straight forward transition for Shaw who will most likely be a fringe player this season but could get the chance to play in Cup games for the club.


Shaw: "When my agent came to me with this offer I was a little bit hesitent at first. I wanted to sign but was torn about leaving Southampton where I knew I would potentially have more first time opportunities and coming here. Adkins who I know very well ensured me that I would get my chance at times during this season and I knew that after a chat with him that this is where my future would be. I am looking forward to linking up with Patrice Evra and cannot wait to learn from him"

Looks good so far. How good does Baptistao get really?
I don't really like his low bravery and physical stats.
how did you managed to get luke shaw for only 3.5 million?